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A Bayesian Realized-Volatility Approach to Volatility Modeling in US Natural Gas Markets BioScience Research CollaborativeKathy Ensor • Yu Han • Michael Weylandt A Data-driven Approach to Real-time Flood Hazard Delineation: Estimating Flood Extent during Hurricane Harvey using MaxEnt BioScience Research CollaborativeSamuel Brody • Wesley Highfield • William Mobley • Antonia Sebastian A Novel Approach to Estimate Seismic Reflection Velocities using Machine Learning: A Case Study from the Galicia Margin BioScience Research CollaborativeGary Gray • Cemile Nur Schuba • Jonathan Schuba An Analysis of Houston Police Department Officer-Involved Shootings BioScience Research CollaborativeNevin George • Max Grossman Analysis of Spatially Aggregated Data Using Extended Hausdorff Distance BioScience Research CollaborativeKathy Ensor • Julia Schedler Atom Mapping of Chemical Reactions: A Machine Learning Approach BioScience Research CollaborativeGeorge Bennett • George Giannakopoulos • Lydia Kavraki • Eleni Litsa • Mark Moll • Matthew Pena Automatic Detecting of Iceberg – Ship in a Deep Learning Framework BioScience Research CollaborativeDidi Ooi Sher • Jia Wei • Cheng Zhan • Licheng Zhang • Zhengzheng Zhong Characterizing Spatiotemporal Trends in Extreme Precipitation across the Southern Texas Coast BioScience Research CollaborativePhilip Bedient • Katherine Ensor • Carly Fagnant • Avantika Gori • Antonia Sebastian Cryptocurrencies and the Modern Portfolio Theory BioScience Research CollaborativeKim Raath • Ye Emma Zohner Data Science for Cancer Research BioScience Research CollaborativeW. Jim Zheng • Lisha Zhu Data Science for High Schools: A Pilot Program to Address the Gap in Data Science Education, and Lessons Learned BioScience Research CollaborativeOner Celepcikay • Pranik Chainani • Recep Erol Decentralized Decision-Making for the Restoration of Real-World Interdependent Networks BioScience Research CollaborativeHesam Talebiyan Discriminative and Distinct Phenotyping by Constrained Tensor Factorization BioScience Research CollaborativeXiaoqian Jiang • Yejin Kim Evaluating the Buffer vs. Embedded Processes Accounts of Verbal Short-Term Memory: Evidence from a RSA fMRI Study BioScience Research CollaborativeRandi Martin • Qiuhai Yue Exact 3-body Quantum Calculations: Simulating any Interaction in Vacuum or Solid State BioScience Research CollaborativeEric Bittner • Jonathan Jerke • Jacek Karwowski • Bill Poirier Generalizability Study of Deep learning based Heart Failure Predictive Model BioScience Research CollaborativeLaila Rasmy • Degui Zhi Generating Synthetic Drilling Time Series Using Deep Neural Networks BioScience Research CollaborativeQiuhua Liu • Yingwei Yu Identifying the Unknown Primary Site of Metastatic Tumors using Support Vector Machines: An Exploration of Different Dimension Reduction Models BioScience Research CollaborativeKen Chen • Qihan Wang Inference of Species Phylogenies from Bi-allelic Markers Using Pseudo-likelihood BioScience Research CollaborativeLuay Nakhleh • Jiafan Zhu Integrating Spatial Features into FTIR Histological Image Classification BioScience Research CollaborativeSebastian Berisha • Mahsa Lotfollahi • David Mayerich Localization for Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) in GPS-Denied Environments BioScience Research CollaborativeFathi Ghorbel • Issam Ben Moallem Longitudinal Connectivity Outperforms Structural Change as a Marker for Prodromal Parkinson's Disease BioScience Research CollaborativeTimothy Ellmore • Luca Giancardo • Danilo Pena • Mya Schiess • Jessika Suescun Machine Learning for Voxel Based Dose Distribution Predictions in Proton Therapy: Preliminary Results BioScience Research CollaborativeAntony Adair • Delon Shen • Pablo Yepes Movement of Future of Harvey-Like Hurricanes BioScience Research CollaborativeVincent Gonzales • Pedram Hassanzadeh • Ebrahim Nabizadeh Optimizing Separation Efficiency in Nanochannels using Machine Learning Algorithms BioScience Research CollaborativeShaghayegh Agah • Anatoly Kolomeisky • Matteo Pasqual Predicting Alzheimer’s Disease and Frontotemporal Dementia using Clinical Data BioScience Research CollaborativeAlbert Y Amran • Sridatri Chakraborty • Assaf Gottlieb • Paul E Schulz Predictive Models of Drug Side-effect Relationships from Distributed Representations of Literature-derived Semantic Predications BioScience Research CollaborativeTrevor Cohen • Justin Mower • Devika Subramanian Quantifying Flood Hazard and Flood Risk Profiles for an Urban Watershed in Houston, TX BioScience Research CollaborativeFerne Maulsby • Antonia Sebastian Re-connecting Humanity via Genetic Genealogy using Informatics BioScience Research CollaborativeDegui Zhi Re-identifying Clustered Weather Patterns: A Test Case for Deep Convolutional Neural Networks BioScience Research Collaborative Reliability Engineering Meets SAT-Solving BioScience Research CollaborativeLeonardo Duenas-Osorio • Kuldeep S. Meel • Roger Paredes • Moshe Vardi Revolutionize Medical Image Analytics with AI on Intel Architecture BioScience Research CollaborativeBrian Dietrich • Anisha Gartia • Liangwei Ge Seismicity Detection via Various Data Mining Approaches BioScience Research CollaborativeKatherine Begland • John Cornthwaite • Alan Levander • Xiaobo Meng • Fenglin Niu • Jia Shi • Neng Xiong Solving Quantum Many-Body Wavefunctions with Convolutional Neural Networks. BioScience Research CollaborativeWenjun Hu • Han Pu • Li Yang SparsePPG: Towards Driver Monitoring Using Camera-Based Vital Signs Estimation in Near-Infrared BioScience Research CollaborativeHassan Mansour • Tim K. Marks • Ewa M. Nowara • Ashok Veeraraghavan Species Tree and Reconciliation Estimation under a Duplication-Loss-Coalescence Model BioScience Research CollaborativePeng Du • Luay Nakhleh Teaching Data Science to Anyone and Everyone: Takeaways from the 2018 Workshop on Undergraduate Data Science Pedagogy and Practice BioScience Research CollaborativeRisa Myers • Gao Pan • Gabe Vacaliuc • Shengqi Wang TF-TWAS: Transcription-factor Polymorphism Associated with Tissue-Specific Gene Expression BioScience Research CollaborativeAssaf Gottlieb • Yi-Ching Tang Uncovering Temporal Structure in Hippocampal Output Patterns BioScience Research CollaborativeEtienne Ackermann • Caleb Kemere Unstated Assumptions of Benchmark Specifications Limit Deep Robotic Reinforcement Learning BioScience Research CollaborativeLydia Kavraki • William Lewis • Mark Moll Using Bayesian Posterior Summarization for Model Selection in Functional Data Analysis BioScience Research CollaborativeDaniel Bourgeois • Daniel Kowal Using Local Experiences For Global Motion Planning BioScience Research CollaborativeConstantinos Chamzas • Lydia Kavraki • Anshumali Shrivastava